4 elements that make or break your Customer Service reputation

Apr 04, 2020 at 10:05 am

1. Fast response and resolution times

Nowadays, consumers are searching for speedy resolutions. This implies two things, firstly customers must be contacted as soon as their requests are in to know that they are being taken care of. Secondly, solutions must be provided fast so that your customer’s time is being valued. In order to work in this manner, your team has to setup the proper streamlining and automations necessary to manage customer requests.

2. Omni-channel support

One of the great gifts of our current technology is that customers have many ways to contact your team. Every customer is different in their preference for a contact channel, and so your customer service infrastructure should be able to handle requests coming in through phones, social media, live chats, and other telecommunication channels. The goal is to always provide customers with the facility to reach you through whatever means they find most comfortable.

3. Aggregate problem solving skills

This is an abstract or qualitative variable. A good customer service team is apt at managing and solving problems. Although it wouldn’t seem like it to an outside viewer, customer service agents usually must come up with solutions on the spot for problems they might not have dealt with before. The aptitude to problem solve and the drive to do it are key traits you want in your team.

4. Feedback

Every customer has different needs. Every business offers different solutions. In order to understand whether your solutions are accurately fulfilling your market’s needs, you need to capture feedback from customers. It is important to set in place feedback collection tools that will streamline the way you gage the customer’s perception of their experience. This will in turn boost the value of experience you provide.

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