4 important metrics for Customer Service teams

Apr 02, 2020 at 12:05 am

Reporting and analytics are a core element of customer service. In a contact center, managers and agents are constantly engaging with customers, so proper tools must be set in place to look at the operation as a whole and decide whether improvements are happening.

Metrics are important because they are used to set benchmarks and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). In the case of Customer Service, it is primary to look at the following metrics in depth.

1. Ticket Volume and Backlog

Ticket Volume measures the total number of customer service requests being raised by costumers within a particular time frame, while backlog refers to the total amount of unresolved tickets for that time frame. Regarding ticket volume, it’s important to note where trends are being generated. A goal is obviously to reduce the amount of requests coming in, which requires optimization of the customer service funnel, perhaps a reviewed process for customers to resolve their issues faster and without the aid of an agent. Ticket backlog is correlated to abnormally high ticket volumes. Hence, a goal here is to create more ticket resolutions than conversations with customers.

2. Customer Satisfaction Score

Constant feedback is necessary for a customer success team. It is important that customers are continuously sharing their experiences with your agents. When a resolution occurs, it sets the perfect timing for companies to gather deeper knowledge about the competitiveness of their support team.

3. Average Resolution Time

This metric measures the average amount of time it takes for the customer service team to resolve a ticket. It is a measure of the operational efficiency of your customer success team. If a spike in average resolution time were to occur, then a manager would have to dive deeper into this number.

4. Average Reply Time

Customer expectations are growing by the minute and speedy replies are expected by any customer looking to contact a help desk. This is one of the reasons why 24/7 Customer Service or reply automations are important. If an automation can be set up for initial responses or easy, common queries, the number for this metric will be reduced effectively.

These are perhaps the most obvious of metrics, nevertheless I believe they are absolutely essential to the success of your customer service team. A support platform that is used by agents and managers needs to show proper reporting on this metrics. Needless to say, a proper benchmark has to be agreed upon for each metric in order for managers to track thir Key Performance Indicators.

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