Corporate Solidarity during COVID-19

Apr 23, 2020 at 12:10 pm

We all know the state of the world. Let’s focus on the solutions. This is the mindset that drove Rapid Phone Center to act swiftly against the Coronavirus. We wanted to make sure our company had the infrastructure to withstand these times, and even more, to come out winning.

Rapid Phone Center employs hundreds of people, from supervisors, IT, managers and front line agents. As a company with a large in-house staff. At Rapid, taking good care of our employees, means in turn, they can take good care of our clients’ customers.

Rapid Phone Center created a new mission during this time of COVID19, "to never disrupt services to our clients, nor pose health risks to our employees".

We set in a strong strategy in place to run operations no matter what the circumstances.

We outfitted all employees with home computers and our IT department got to work to set up secure and remote VPN access. Our entire team of managers, supervisors, and IT department are in direct contact with our agents and offer ongoing monitoring and support. New agents are recruited and trained as needed via online live interviews. We are not skipping a beat.

Though we are all looking forward to life getting "back to normal", you can count on Rapid to keep your customers happy and served no matter the circumstance.

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