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Building a thriving company Culture in a Remote environment

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Performance Management, Business Development, Employee Engagement, Work-from-Home.

A study conducted by Hubstaff finds the biggest challenges for businesses with remote teams include communication, scheduling, tracking performance, and language/cultural barriers. Another challenge it mentions is building and maintaining trust between remote team members – an issue cited in multiple other reports worldwide.


The COVID-19 pandemic was catastrophic for many of our competitors, as entire call center cities in the Philippines and India shut down without a robust remote infrastructure that would allow them to continue servicing their clients.


We knew that as a call center business, we had to make it our mission to not just overcome these challenges, but to create a sustainable working culture and strong infrastructure that could be replicated to all versions of remote working. We implemented standardized processes that adapted to cultural and geographical limitations and were able to capture talent from over eight countries and three different continents while reducing the employee onboarding process and timeline by almost 52%. We have the capacity to send salary payments in different currencies and through different options for the benefit of our employees. This has positioned Rapid on a 5% higher salary rate industry-wise in all operating countries. Furthermore, by Q3 2022 we improved our agent’s productivity across all team members by an average of 32% when comparing results to 2021.

Summary of accomplishments

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