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Growing Business through Rapid’s Feedback & Analytics

Industry: e-Commerce
Initiatives: Business Growth, Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, Sales/Upsells

Our client in the pesticides industry was making major investments to grow their customer base. Through the use of VOC (Voice of the customer) and Post-Call Survey data, we were able to identify an opportunity to increase their customer reach. By auditing 80% of unsuccessful sales in Q1 2022, we proposed the implementation of additional payment options, focusing on Paypal and installment payments as gathered from the sample. In addition, in collaboration with the client, we developed an upsell plan to increase the brand’s added value on every purchase. Historically, the client’s customer base grew by an average of 202 customers per month. After the implementation, they reached a new high of 493 new customers in August 2022.


Every industry evolves in its own way. At Rapid Phone Center we realized that several clients were not able to measure every aspect of their customer experience by making use of the standard KPIs and metrics. We’ve partnered with clients to create unique metrics and KPIs that adapt to the different business models used. In parallel, we’ve achieved these results by bringing these new data measurements to a real-time dashboard, feeding from different data sources and this is powered by our internal Rapid Phone Center CRM.

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