Become a Partner

We offer exclusive or non-exclusive partnerships and mutually beneficial strategic relationships.

Referral partnerships- direct referrals & promotion.

After careful vetting to ensure core values and ethos are aligned, direct referrals can be provided in both directions and the partner’s service or solution can be promoted (e.g., company website, posts, newsletter) and directly recommended by our agents to our clients if the solution would benefit them.

White Label our services under your brand.

Rapid can provide its entire portfolio of services, including campaign management, reporting, expert consultation and its IT department’s capabilities / technology stack, under your brand as a complete white-label solution for your client base.

We offer an ongoing monthly commission as a % of client billing.

If exchanging referrals is impractical, we can offer an ongoing (on a monthly basis) percentage of all billable services that we invoice a client that you introduce

Other forms of partnership

We are open to discussing other forms of partnership beyond the scope of the variants detailed here – in particular we are interested in solutions that will integrate with our services and benefit our client-base..
We appreciate that every partner has individual requirements and expectations or that their solution may need a unique approach – an initial conversation will help to understand if a good fit for both parties.

Please share a bit more information about you and your interest.