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Rapid’s Business Intelligence Empowering organizations

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Initiatives: Business Development, Business Analytics, CS Consulting

It´s important to fully leverage the advantages of business intelligence. Our capacity to analyze data and business information is crucial for successfully executing strategies and is extremely relevant for providing accurate internal decision-making processes.


We realized that several clients were unable to get a full picture of their customer experience by making use of the standard KPIs and metrics of their industry. Each client had different requirements and needs. Our ability to segregate the needs of one customer from the other enabled us to:


Developed and launched a client-facing portal in Q1 2021 that is 100% customizable to the client’s business needs and measurements with the capacity to integrate with any open API source.


By applying LSS (Lean Six Sigma) methodology (SMART and DMAIC) we were able to measure customer service KPIs unique to each client’s line of business and company-specific objectives. We bring these new data measurements to a real-time dashboard, feeding from different data sources and powered by our internal Rapid Phone Center CRM.

Summary of accomplishments

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