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Staffing involves identifying the right number of agents

When planning a call center operation, staffing is a critical component that should never be overlooked. Staffing involves identifying the right number of agents, with the right skills, to handle inquiries efficiently and effectively. What are the main benefits of a proper staffing plan?
  1. Ensuring Adequate Coverage: Staffing ensures that there are enough agents available to answer incoming calls. By staffing properly, call centers can ensure that customers don’t have to wait on hold for extended periods or get transferred multiple times before their issue is resolved. This can improve customer satisfaction and prevent them from seeking services elsewhere.
  2. Maximizing Agent Productivity: Staffing also plays a crucial role in maximizing agent productivity. By ensuring that there are enough agents to handle incoming calls, call centers can minimize the idle time for agents and keep them occupied with calls. This can improve efficiency and reduce the cost per call.
  3. Meeting Service Level Targets: Service level targets are essential for call centers as they dictate how quickly agents need to answer calls. Staffing is critical to meeting these targets and ensuring that customers aren’t left waiting on hold for too long. By staffing appropriately, call centers can achieve their service level targets and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.
  4. Providing Adequate Training: Staffing also enables call centers to provide agents with adequate training. By ensuring that there are enough agents to handle incoming calls, call centers can allocate time and resources for training. This can help agents develop the skills needed to handle complex calls and improve their overall performance.
This tool is meant to assist in determining an initial ESTIMATE for the Headcount required on a project only. The calculator does not replace the need for the WFM team to run staffing models. For a detailed evaluation of your requirements and needs, get in touch with us today!

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