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Shaping forgotten Brick and Mortar Stores into Thriving E-Commerce Businesses

Industry: e-Commerce, Retail
Initiatives: Business Development, CS Wireframe, Agent Training, Business Analytics, CS Consulting

Our client had vast experience in the e-commerce world by selling the company’s consulting services. With the success of their two first holdings, in 2018 they partnered with Rapid to build and nurture their Customer Experience department.

In 2019, the company began an aggressive expansion plan that included eight new business verticals. The goal was to shape well-known brick-and-mortar stores into thriving e-commerce businesses. While the companies had existed in the US market for more than 30 years with countless successes at their peak, their customer base was not prepared for the upcoming transition.


Rapid Phone Center is a US-based call center business that provides affordable, dependable, accountable, concierge-level services to customers worldwide. We excel at delivering high-quality services while building exceptional customer experiences. It came as no surprise to us that our client decided to partner and trust us with these new ventures, and together build what would become the next stage for their company and customers.


In November 2019 we ramped up a dedicated team made up of 10 dedicated agents, led by three of our best Customer Experience Managers who would design a tailored customer-centric work frame that was both replicable, and scalable through all eight of these business verticals and prepare the way through 2021 while becoming a 100+ employee operation. While acknowledging that it was impossible to know what to expect of this new business model, and how to retain the brand’s legacy customer base while building a trusting relationship with newly acquired customers.


With the client’s successful track record, these new acquisitions were meant to be a great success in their respective markets, but they were not prepared as to how fast they would grow in popularity amongst their customers. This led to several critical client-facing struggles that could jeopardize the future of each new company.


At Rapid, we began to work fast, smart, and with a clear goal in mind, to aid our partner clients and build the successful businesses that they had envisioned. By staying true to our company values we rapidly prepared a remediation plan, Customer experience strategy, and long-term solutions that would serve this purpose.


First, by gaining a clear understanding of customers’ behaviors, we scaled the team needed to handle the monthly interactions through all needed channels. Servicing phone support, email, and live chat under a well-thought workforce planning strategy.


While partnering with the company’s department leaders, we created end-to-end customer journeys that provided visibility to all parties involved and outlined process opportunities at a vendor, product, logistical, financial, and end-customer levels.

During the COVID pandemic, we successfully launched a bulletproof Business Continuity plan that allowed both Rapid and our client to maintain a high-quality level of service for their customers and our people. The results were tangible with our client’s brand’s success, highly stable results in Net Promoter Scores, and continuous growth.


With Rapid’s objective of Investing in technology and our people to enhance the customer experience and brand loyalty, we developed reporting and real-time analytics that allowed us to put our partner client in front of their business, and to make precise, immediate, and well-thought business decisions while constantly evaluating the customer experience and performance.


The unknown can be nerve-racking, intimidating, and not always an easy path to walk. The Rapid-Rev team initially led by three of our most experienced Account Managers is now a team of over 100 of our top-skilled team members, and has been key throughout this two-year journey of building eight new business verticals from the ground, retaining legacy customers, understanding the new customer base, and building a partnership and trust with one of our most loyal clients.

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