Why Should Call Centers Use Speech Analytics?

March 25, 2021 at 04:00 pm

In the age of virtual technology, the transition to online chat-based customer service has now become easier than ever. Being able to use and identify “voice” as a means of communication with your customers equals more sales for your company.

Where should Speech Analytics technology come to play in customer service?

Where it creates a system that will simplify work for both customer and agent;

Improves agent-customer relationships; and

Creates more revenue for the company in the long run

Previously known as “audio-mining”, where audio files of calls were translated to text files in order to look through specific words and phrases, it has now been innovated to a more intelligent product that can accomodate the growing needs of companies. “Speech Analytics” uses recorded conversations and extracts relevant information that can be used to turn subjective conversations to something measurable and objective.

Benefits of Speech Analytics: