6 More Ways to Improve eCommerce Customer Experience

October 15, 2021 at 10:10 am

Buying things has never been easier thanks to the rise of eCommerce and online businesses in general. Aside from the fact that you can purchase stuff just with a tap of a finger, the existence of call centers and customer service providers also make online shopping way easier.

For any business to thrive, customers must be satisfied with the products and the quality of service. Consumer satisfaction through communicating with them is the key to make customers happy and make sure that they come back again for future purchases.

There is always room for improvement in customer service, even if you think it is already good. Do you want to know how? Here are six ways on how to improve the eCommerce customer experience.

1. Engage with your customers

One of the simplest ways to keep your customers is by engaging with them through different deals or simply communicating with them throughout your service. They will surely appreciate constant updates about the status of the products or services they are availing from you.

Inbound calls, which customers initiate, are essential in responding to their queries and forming good communication in every interaction you make. An emphasis on proper engagement makes responding to customers so much easier. Well-trained staff who are amicable and knowledgeable on the kinds of service or products the eCommerce business offers to create a more satisfying experience.

2. Be prompt in answering customer inquiries

No customer appreciates being asked to wait for their queries to be answered, mainly when it affects their decision to buy the product. In this regard, a customer may request a dozen more questions about the specific details of the product or service and decide then and there if they should get it.

Most eCommerce businesses receive tons of inbound calls, calls that customers make, throughout the day. It can be hard to manage these calls as the questions are often repetitive and keep piling up. Still, an entourage of competent staff that knows how to handle customers and their dozens of queries will make it easier. Having an easy-to-find FAQ page is also helpful.

3. Let your customers hear your voice

Let your customers hear your voice, literally. Communicating with them through the occasional email is fine. Still, every eCommerce business out there does that, too, not to mention that it is the bare minimum form of customer engagement. Letting them expound their concerns by providing them with follow-up questions makes the communication more customer-focused and efficiently meets the needs of the customers. It is also an excellent way to reach total customer satisfaction.

In this regard, inbound call centers are every eCommerce business’s companion in achieving product-focused and customer-focused goals. According to HubSpot, inbound calls are a fundamental aspect of customer service and support call centers in providing 24/7 efficient customer support, one of Rapid’s services.

4. Customize customer experience

It is more convenient to provide template answers to every customer query. While these save you time and effort, customers will appreciate it more if the service appears personalized to their needs. According to The Library, customizing customer experience is also one of the ways to ensure customer retention and loyalty.

Personalized experiences from businesses are highly expected by most customers, especially in responding to their queries. It makes your customers sense the level of priority you give to them during the interaction. To tailor your services according to your customers’ needs and demands is complicated. With resources such as 24/7 phone support with highly skilled agents manning these calls, doing so is easy. According to what you want for your business, custom solutions provided by Rapid are also one way to give personalized service to your customers.

5. Be customer-focused

Aside from focusing on your business's productivity, you should not leave out customer accessibility. Accessibility is one of the most significant aspects of delivering excellent and efficient customer service. This aspect is well-seen during inbound calls. It achieves customer-focused goals by providing solutions, responding to queries, and maintaining a good customer experience.

Inbound call centers are an essential part of growing your business. It primarily solves and responds to the needs of the massive customers daily, which gradually builds and strengthens customer trust. These inbound call services will be efficient as expected with a pool of dedicated agents who will ensure that these calls and efforts for engagement reach your customers.

6. Make your customers feel welcome

About number 5, customers are sure to come back once they feel welcome. The key to doing so is in how you talk to them and who talks to them. If the customer service feels bland and too robotic, the customer may not be enticed to repeat the transaction. That is why having highly skilled customer service agents trained in dealing amicably with customers is always an asset for every eCommerce business.

Providing quality customer service is everything in the world of eCommerce. As your business grows, it also gets more challenging to keep up with customers’ continuous demands, needs, and queries, both old and new. Outsourcing work from call centers such as Rapid is how to go for every eCommerce business looking to expand their reach or improve customer service.

Businesses must always work towards development and improvement, either through their products or services, to cater to their customers. As everyone knows, the success of any business, especially in the digital world, depends significantly on customer services. It would not hurt to take the extra step in satisfying your customers. In fact, it will even be better for your business in the long run.

Working with an inbound call center like Rapid that knows your business inside out plays an integral role in improving your customer service. If you want to take the next step and expand, this is something you should definitely consider.

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