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Live, Chat, SMS, and Email Support

Build A Solid Customer Base For Your Business By Being Accessible 24/7

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Rapid’s Live, Chat, SMS Support

  • Your Customers Get A Rapid Response

    Our live, automated support can respond to commonly asked questions in a blink of an eye, and our 24/7 accessible agents can reach your customers if they need further assistance.

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  • Shorter Transactions Lead to Optimized Productivity

    Nobody likes to repeat themselves, especially raging customers. Rapid’s Live, Chat, SMS Support will let agents read previous texts from customers while also accessing customer details sent to them. This way, transactions will be shorter, and the customer service team’s productivity is optimized.

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  • Building Good Rapport

    Customers tend to gravitate towards companies that can immediately give them the confidence to buy a product or avail a service. Our live chat and SMS support will help you onboard more customers by building a good rapport with our guaranteed quick and personalized responses.

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  • Greater Customer Satisfaction

    To ensure that your customers are happy, it's important that you take the time to learn how to interact with them through live chat.

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